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The most beautiful castles of the Périgord

Castelnaud, Les Milandes, Beynac, Commarque, Fénelon, Maison forte de Reignac… the Dordogne valley is a treasure trove of architecture and history, all of which are so different that a castle is never the same and is always so exciting to visit. Here is a selection of the most beautiful castles in the Périgord near our campsite near Sarlat.

chateau de castelnaud et son trebuchet

Castelnaud Castle, in the footsteps of the knights

Classified as a historical monument, the castle of Castelnaud dominates the Dordogne valley and offers a magnificent panorama over Beynac, Marqueyssac and La Roque Gageac. Entirely dedicated to the art of war in the Middle Ages, this castle is a huge success, especially with children, who can find themselves in the time of knights and princesses: powerful keep, machicolations, reconstitutions of life-size war machines, a large collection of weapons and armour, demonstration of trebuchet shooting, theatrical visit at night…

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Château des Milandes, in the footsteps of Joséphine Baker

Known for having belonged to Josephine Baker, the Château des Milandes is distinguished by its neo-Gothic architecture and its large mullioned windows decorated with stained glass. With an audio system that mixes music and history in the background, you will discover the extraordinary destiny of this young girl from Missouri who became a star of Parisian nights. Don’t miss a walk in the French gardens and a beautiful bird of prey show. In summer, workshops on falconry are offered to children.

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chateau les milandes neogothique josephine baker
chateau de beynac decor de cinema proche-camping les pialades dordogne

Château de Beynac, a film set

Built in the Middle Ages, the Château de Beynac is one of the best preserved and most famous castles in the Périgord and has been classified as a historic monument. Perched on a rocky outcrop, it offers a magnificent view of the Dordogne River and the lauze roofs of the village.

During your visit, you will meet illustrious characters such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard the Lionhearted or Simon of Montford… More recently, the castle has been visited by some of the greatest names in French cinema, having been chosen as the setting for certain scenes in successful films (Les Visiteurs II, Joan of Arc).

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chateau de commarque

Château de Commarque, a timeless site

Lost in a wild site surrounded by woods, the Château de Commarque is a magical, almost unreal site, which has kept the traces of the men who have succeeded one another there for 15,000 years and tells its history: access to the valley at the level of the prehistoric cave, to the troglodytic habitats, to the fortified medieval village and to the fortified castle which offers a unique panorama. Abandoned in the 17th century due to its dilapidation, the castle is now owned by Hubert de Commarque, a descendant of the family, who is gradually bringing it back to life. A great challenge that deserves to be encouraged by your visits, which will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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Fénelon Castle, a journey through time

Overlooking the Dordogne valley and the woods of the Bouriane, the castle of Fénelon skilfully combines the warlike character of the Middle Ages with the elegance of the Renaissance. This feudal fortress, still privately owned and inhabited, is one of the few monuments in the Sarlat region to have preserved its impressive lauze roof and its entire defensive system. Lovers of old stones will also appreciate the serenity of the place, the calm and the splendour of the surrounding landscapes which transport the visitor into another time.

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chateau fenelon moyen-age renaissance

Reignac fortified house, towards the secrets of a cliff castle

The only monument of the “Château Falaise” type in France, classified as a historic monument, the fortified house of Reignac is the strangest, most mysterious troglodytic castle in the Périgord Noir. This noble lair for more than 700 years has many surprises in store for you, with its impressive underground and aerial rooms, fully furnished, but also its less welcoming rooms, such as its dungeon, its oubliettes and above all its international exhibition on the theme of Torture and the Death Penalty. Above the castle, a first troglodytic fort offers a wide panorama on the Vézère valley.

The list of the most beautiful castles in the region is still very long. You are bound to discover some of them on your excursions during your campsite stay in the Dordogne… We can mention some of them: Montfort, Fayrac, Puy Martin, Hautefort… and on the Lot side in Fumel, the remarkable castle of Bonaguil…

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