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Breathtaking caves and chasms

Lascaux, Padirac, Cougnac, Domme… Prehistoric or crystallized, the caves and chasms of the Dordogne and the Lot are all magical places which each offer a magical spectacle, a unique cultural and geological wealth. You can’t get enough of them.

Lascaux IV – International Centre of Cave Art, a journey to the heart of man

For the first time, Lascaux is fully revealed. A complete, never-before-seen replica retraces the discovery of the famous decorated cave. In order to leave room for contemplation and to offer an immersive visit, the atmosphere of the original cave has been recreated (temperature, humidity, lighting, sounds…). At the exit of the facsimile, different scenographic devices are presented and offer the visitor a visit experience based on image and virtual technologies to encourage the appropriation of cave art and the civilization of Cro-Magnon man.

You will experience a unique adventure combining the emotion of an ancestral art and technological prowess. We advise you (especially for July, August and the long weekends in spring) to book your seats on the Internet before your departure, to avoid long waiting times.

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visite grottes sejour dordogne
gouffre de padirac

The Gouffre de Padirac, the most famous in Europe

Located on the borders of the Quercy and Périgord regions, the Gouffre de Padirac is a treasure trove of geological architecture that billions of drops of water have shaped over time. After a descent into the bowels of the earth at a depth of 103 metres, the visit begins with a boat ride on the underground river to discover majestic galleries and a succession of breathtaking concretions. After docking, the tour continues on foot to the Great Dome Room, whose vault rises to a height of 94 metres. This room offers a multitude of concretions, cascades of calcite, shaped by nature over millions of years.

We advise you (especially for July, August and the long weekends in spring) to book your seats online before you leave, to avoid long waiting times.

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grotte de domme-perigord-noir proche camping les pialades

The Grotte de Domme, a treasure of 450m of galleries

Under the Bastide of Domme lives the fantastic world of the largest cave in the Périgord Noir. The guided tour allows you to understand the underground environment of the Dordogne by discovering ceilings decorated with thousands of stalactites, stalagmites, gigantic columns and incredible draperies. A final magical corridor leads, on the way back up by a panoramic lift, to one of the most beautiful views of the Dordogne valley.

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The Caves of Cougnac, full of emotions and passions

The Grottes de Cougnac are two complementary wonders, 10 minutes from the campsite Les Pialades. The crystallization cave offers an amazing spectacle with its prodigious mineral vegetation and its extraordinary ceiling, one of the most beautiful in France.

The ornate gallery, classified as a historical monument, reveals various traces left by our Upper Paleolithic ancestors with remarkable prehistoric paintings: ibex, mammoths, large deer, human figures, various signs… The oldest figurative drawings open to the public…

A special mention for the passionate and enthusiastic guides. No wonder these caves are among our favourites.

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grottes de cougnac

There are still many caves and chasms in the Dordogne and the Lot, both prehistoric and with crystals. Here are some other beautiful visits to recommend: Font-de-Gaume, Rouffignac, Maxange, Lacave, Cap Blanc shelter, Proumeyssac chasm… 

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