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Villages in the Périgord Noir

Sarlat, Domme, La Roque Gageac, Beynac and Cazenac, Belvès, Les Eyzies, Rocamadour, Gourdon… Whether prehistoric or medieval, all these villages deserve more than a diversion; take the time to stroll through their narrow streets, to discover their architecture, to learn about their history, to appreciate their atmosphere…

Sarlat, capital of the Périgord

20 minutes from the campsite Les Pialades, the medieval city of Sarlat will seduce you with its picturesque and entertaining little streets, its magnificent buildings full of history, its traditional market, its shops and restaurants… And why not take a guided tour that will reveal the secrets of this city classified as a Town of Art and History, or take the panoramic lift to discover Sarlat from the sky, or come back at night to admire the illuminated buildings and enjoy the festive atmosphere created by the high quality street shows?

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Domme, « The Acropolis of Périgord »

5 minutes from the campsite Les Pialades, the Bastide of Domme will enchant you with its rich heritage and its exceptional view over the Dordogne valley which stretches from the cingle of Montfort to the castle of Beynac. And if you let yourself be guided by the Domme Express, this little red and yellow train which will make you discover in a playful way the superb gates, the old ramparts and the small typical streets of the bastide.

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La Roque Gageac, classified Most Beautiful Village in France

15 minutes from the campsite Les Pialades, La Roque-Gageac will amaze you with the warmth of its ochre houses, the picturesque streets at the foot of the cliff, its magnificent view of the Dordogne, its amazing exotic garden or its manor house which dominates the heart of the village. Seen from the Dordogne river, either on board the famous gabares or by canoe, the village also offers an unforgettable panorama. You’ll have plenty to see!

Beynac and Cazenac, classified Most Beautiful Villages of France

Just 20 minutes from campsite Les Pialades, Beynac and Cazenac have a unique charm. Here too you will fall in love with the Dordogne stone that gives the houses their warm colour. You will walk along its small cobbled streets which will lead you to its imposing castle, you will discover an exceptional view on the Dordogne valley… without forgetting a small stroll on the water, which, either on board of a gabarre, or in a canoe, will complete your visit.

Belvès, the city of seven steeples

Just 25 minutes from our campsite in the Dordogne, the medieval town of Belvès, classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France, is well worth a visit. During your visit, you can discover the historical and architectural secrets of this village with its tumultuous past as well as its troglodytic dwellings. And if you stop by during its medieval festivals at the beginning of August, you can meet actors in medieval costumes re-enacting the great hours of chivalry!

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Les Eyzies, world capital of prehistory

30 minutes from the campsite Les Pialades, come and walk in the footsteps of our ancestors. Men have maintained an occupation and activities here throughout the ages: Paleolithic, Neolithic, Hundred Years War, development of agriculture, industrial period, “invention” of “prehistoric science”, establishment of tourism… It was here that Cro-Magnon man was discovered!
With its unique troglodytic architecture and exceptional natural environment where many prehistoric sites are hidden, Les Eyzies often invites you to return. No wonder the village is now internationally renowned!

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Rocamadour, exceptional Grand Site Midi-Pyrénées

Just 45 minutes from the campsite Les Pialades, Rocamadour will make you dizzy with its overlapping houses and chapels, its 150-metre-high castle, its breathtaking view from the valley, but also the atmosphere that reigns there. This sacred city has been a Christian Mecca since the Middle Ages and is a meeting place for pilgrims on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. It is home to the Saint-Sauveur basilica and the Saint-Amadour crypt, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as the Black Madonna, its jewel, which has been venerated for over a thousand years.

Gourdon, classified Most Beautiful Detour in France

15 minutes from the campsite Les Pialades, the medieval town of Gourdon, also classified as a “Station Verte de Vacances” (Green Holiday Resort), will please you with its narrow and winding streets, half-timbered houses, fortified gateway… From the Esplanade of the old castle, at the top of the hill, you will be able to admire the hilly landscapes of the Bouriane and the Périgord as far as the eye can see. And if you are in the region at the beginning of August, you should not miss the Médiévales de Gourdon, which takes the town and its visitors back a few centuries each year.

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